Casino Malta Poker Club rules

General Rules

  1. By participating in any tournament or cash game, players agree to abide by the Casino Malta Poker Room rules.
  2. Players in state of severe alcoholic or drug intoxication will not be allowed into Poker Room.
  3. All disputes will be solved in cooperation with Poker Supervisor/Manager.
  4. Humiliation by verbal or psychical action towards other players or Casino Malta employees will not be tolerated. Throwing the cards, insulting and another inappropriate behavior may result in expulsion from the game or expelling from the Poker Room.
  5. Only  English language is allowed during the hand.
  6. Following games are played in poker room:
    • Texas Hold`em;
    • Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo;
    • Crazy Pineapple;
    • 5 Card Omaha;
  7. At one table is allowed to play certain amount of players: 
    • Texas Hold`em, Crazy Pineapple – 10 players;
    • Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo – 9 players;
    • 5 Card Omaha – 8 players.
    Cash games
    • Texas Hold´em, Crazy Pineapple – 9 players;
    • All other games – 8 players;
  8. At all poker games the respective chips shall be used. (value chips at cash game taples, tournament chips at tournament tables).
  9. Cards and chips must be visible for the dealer at all times.
  10. Player must keep his highest denomination chips visible at all times. The information about the stack has to be available at any time.
  11. String bets are not allowed. A player must put out the full amount of the bet in one motion, otherwise the bet will be considered as a String Bet.
  12. In case of the String Bet:
    1. If there has been a bet made prior to that it will be considered as a call.
    2. If the string bet was first bet on this betting round then the first chip which touched the table shall be considered as a bet.
  13. Single chip placed without comment into the betting perimeter that is larger than the previous bet is considered as a Call.
  14. Single chip placed as a first bet without comment will be announced as a maximum bet.
  15. Multiple chip bet placed without comment and enough for minimum Raise will be announced as a Raise. If the sum of chips is not sufficient for the Raise, bet will be considered as Call.
  16. Verbal statements in turn are binding; in this case String Bet is allowed.
  17. Following Minimum Raise rule is applied in Pot Limit and No Limit games:
    1. first Minimum Raise is always double of previous bet;
    2. reraise of Minimum raise is always the sum of last raise minus initial bet.
  18. New Player’s Blind and bet out of turn will not be considered in a Raise Pot until it will be their turn to make a decision.
  19. Players must act in turn. Betting out of turn and leaving the table before the action is not allowed.
  20. If player hasn’t made his decision and the reasonable time has passed, another player involved with the hand has right to call „Time”. From this moment the player has 1 minute to make his decision. After 1 minute has passed, poker manager/supervisor makes countdown from 10 to 0 and if the player still hasn’t made the decision, his hand will be called "dead".
  21. At cash games it is allowed for the Dealer to say „Time“ to players.
  22. Poker Supervisor/Manager has a right not to accept “Time” call, if it was not reasonable.
  23. If player acts out of turn he is not allowed to create „action“ until it is his turn to act again. Bet out of turn in tournament play shall stay.
  24. The player is always responsible for protecting one´s cards. If Dealer mucks the unprotected cards then player does not get them back.
  25. If player received wrong amount of cards but still continues the game, the hand will be announced „dead“ and the bets already made will stay in pot.
  26. If the player keeps the cards in a way that they are visible for other players then the Supervisor has a right to give a warning or a penalty for this player.
  27. The hand opened before the Showdown can be announced as Dead Hand or Live Hand only by Poker Supervisor/Manager decision. If the hand was announced as a Live hand it will remain in game only with options Check/Call/Fold and after the hand, plater will get a time penalty.
  28. Players hand will be considered „folded“ at the moment the cards have been placed in the „muck“.
  29. If the Dealer exposes the next card before the betting round is finished, then Dealer will take this card back, finishes the betting round, cards will be reshuffled and without burning a card, dealer will open the next card.
  30. If the Dealer exposes the „turn“ card before the betting round is finished then Dealer will „burn“ another card, places the „river“ card face down on the table, take exposed card back, finishes the betting round on flop, cards will be reshuffled and without burning a card, dealer will open the „turn“ card.
  31. If the player shows ones cards during the hand to other player then all players at the table have a right to see the cards – „show one - show all“ rule applies.
  32. Each player is playing for oneself and only on one betting position. All game related decisions must be made independently.
  33. If the player is not seated at the table, when the dealer have dealt first card:
    1. Tournament – the hand is „dead“ and cards are collected.
    2. Cash games – The cards are collected when the betting order reaches the player and one is not at the table.
  34. The player who wishes to win the pot after „showdown“ has to open all cards.
  35. The pot will be awarded to the player who has the best 5 card combination even if the Dealer or player have defined the combination incorrectly.
  36. Orally announced combination is not binding, the actual combination will be taken into account. If player is deliberately announcing incorrect combination the tournament director may penalize the player.
  37. In order to determine the winning hand the strength of suit is not taken in to account.
  38. The best poker hand always consists from 5 cards. 6th and/or 7th card can never determine the winner of the pot.
  39. In case of 2 or more players having equal combination the pot shall be split between them. If it´s not possible to split the pot exactly then the odd chip will go to player who is next after the button (Flop games) or to player who is nearest to dealer´s left side (Stud games)
  40. If there are side pots then the showdown starts from the players who are playing for the last side pot.
  41. „Showdown“ begins always from the player whose last bet was called.
  42. In case if there was not any action in the hand (only big blind was called), Showdown will begin from next player after the Button.
  43. After the beginning of a new hand the complaints about previous hand are not to be discussed.
  44. It is not allowed for players to share information about the cards they are holding.
  45. In case of the suspicion of a collusion between players the casino may forbid for players to play at the same table.
  46. Poker supervisor has a right to see players pocket cards at any given time.
  47. Players may not request a new deck of cards unless the deck or single cards are ruined.
  48. Players are not allowed to:
    • disturb and interfere in the activity of Poker Room employees;
    • make collusion with other players;
    • remove chips from the table or to give them to other players;
    • announce Dead Hand/Misdeal/Showdown instead of the Dealer;
    • Comment own or an opponent's cards;
    • advise other players or to influence their decisions;
    • verbally or physically expose cards to any player or any visitor during the hand;
    • verbally or physically expose folded cards to any player or any visitor if the hand is not finished yet;
    • open his cards before the “Showdown”;
    • leave the table with tournament chips;
    • manage and split the pot instead of dealer;
    • hide cards or chips;
    • use mobile or any other electronic device (exception is music playing devices);
    • change the table or join the game without Poker Supervisor/Manager permission.
    • keep any food or beverages on the poker table;
  49. Poker manager/supervisor has always right to change or modify the present rules for fair and honest game. Unusual circumstances can, on occasion, dictate that the technical interpretation of the rules shall be balanced against the fairness of the game.
  50. Every complaint must be presented immediately. Unreasonably delayed complaints will not be taken under discussion. Disputes will be solved immediately if possible and poker manager/supervisor decision is final.

Cash Game rules

  1. Bets in cash bills or plaques are not accepted. Cash and plaques have to be changed to value chips before the hand is dealt.
  2. In order to join the game the player has to register with Poker Supervisor. If the player is absent when the game starts he might lose the seat.
  3. The seat will be reserved only for 10 minutes from the moment, when other players apply their right on same seat.
  4. Player can´t buy or get in any other way the seat out of turn.
  5. Player can´t reserve seats at two tables in the same time.
  6. The Dealer button is used in all cash games. The position of the Dealer button shall be drawn before dealing the first hand.
  7. Minimum and maximum buy in shall be determined by the poker supervisor depending on the type of the game and size of the „blinds“.
  8. New player joining the table has to buy-in at least a minimum amount required to respective game.
  9. New player has a right to choose his seat at the table, after his choice no other player can claim the right for the same seat.
  10. If a player who is changing a seat at the table is running away from blinds is obligated to pay the blinds anyhow.
  11. New player who is taking a seat at a "button" position may join the game immediately by paying the new player´s blind.
  12. If player takes a seat between button and small blind. In that case the player has to wait till the button has passed and may join the game then.
  13. In order for the player to be dealt in to the hand one must hold chips at least in a value of the big blind.
  14. If player takes a seat between button and small blind. In that case the player has to wait till the button has passed and may join the game then.
  15. Straddle Bets are allowed in cash games, Straddle is always double amount of the previous bet:
    1. first Straddle Bet can be placed only after BB and Straddle bets can be made until (including) the button. All Straddle bets are Live;
    2. player who has New Player’s blind may also place a Straddle Bet.
  16. In case of minimum raise Live Straddle will be considered as a third blind.
  17. Changing table limits can be done only with the poker manager/supervisor approval and all players must agree with that.
  18. All cash games are table stakes games. Players are not allowed to take more chips into game or out from the game while the hand is not finished. The only exception is when players pay for drinks/food or give tips with these chips.
  19. With the approval of poker manager/supervisor, every player can make once in a gaming day a short buy-in, the buy-in for a half amount of the minimum buy in.
  20. It is not allowed to lend chips to other players from the chips already on the table.
  21. Each player is allowed to have one 30 minute break during the gaming day. If the player does not inform the poker supervisor one may lose the seat at the table.
  22. Player who is not present at the table can´t win the pot.
  23. If a player leaves the table and wants to join the game again in less than one hour, he has to start with the same amount of chips, he left the table. Returning to the game, player have to post New Player's blind regardless how many hands one has missed (exception if player did not miss any blind).
  24. Poker Supervisor/Manager has a right to break the table in order to complete other similar table.
  25. Player from broken table does not have to post a New Player’s Blind.
  26. If players agree between themselves then when going "all-in" the next common cards may be opened by "run it twice" conditions.
  27. Run it twice means that when in "all-in" players may chooce the option run it twice by announcing to the dealer if the "board", "turn" or "river" shall be dealt twice, depending on the phase of the hand. If "all-in" is announced preflop then all the common cards are dealt twice, if postflop then the "turn" and " river" and if after "turn" then only "river" shall be dealt twice.
  28. In case of 5 Card Omaha all cards can be dealt twice only if there are 7 or less players at the table. If there are 8 players then only "turn" and "river" are dealt twice, in that case also the last card from the deck is dealt out.
  29. All the players who participate in the hand until the showdown have to agree to run it twice.
  30. Run it twice option is available only in the games with 2/2 or higher blinds. Casino may offer run it twice option also in lower limit games.
  31. If Player want to change table, he have to ask permission from Supervisor.
  32. If players want to move to another table, and there are less seats available than there are players the seats will be drawn with cards.
  33. Casino takes 4% commissions from each hand (Rake) OR session fee consisting combined value of small and big blind. Rake will be taken if the pot is at least 25 € (Rake – 1 €), maximum sum of 250 € (Rake – 10 €). Commissions will be taken from each full 25 € (ex. Pot – 80 – Rake – 3 €). Further details about rake and session fees are to be found in the poker club on notice board. No rake on split pots except Hi-Low games.Uncalled bets are not including in the pot value for calculating rake.On all games no matter what betting takes place no flop = no rake.Rake is only taken in €1 increments.
  34. If the hand did not reach the flop or Fourth street (stud games) then the rake and Jackpot money are not collected.
  35. The management reserves the right to change the rake to 5% cap 20 during international events.

Tournament rules

  1. Poker tournament is a competition where all participants pay certain fee for participation. The total sum of these fees shall be divided between the winners based on the principles which are announced prior to tournament.
  2. There are available different types of tournaments:
    1. Re-buy tournaments – Player may buy additional chips during beforehand agreed time period and terms.
    2. Freezeout tournaments – Player may not buy additional chips.
    3. Freezeout Double Chance tournaments – Player may receive additional chips for free during beforehand agreed time period and terms.
    4. Satellite tournaments – Prize is a ticket to beforehand announced tournament. How many prizes there are will depend on the value of the ticket and sum of money collected to prize pool.
    5. Terminator tournaments – additionally to tournament chips there is predetermined value chip for each player. If a player eliminates the other player from the tournament then one collects also the value chip which belonged to other player.
  3. In order to participate at the tournament one may buy the ticket and register for the tournament at Casino Malta cash desk or on some cases by bank transfer.
  4. Casino Malta has the right to limit tournament registration conditions.
  5. All tournaments may have a possibility for late registration during predetermined time period.
  6. Tournament will take place when there are at least 7 players. If there are less players then the tournament may be cancelled.
  7. In the beginning of the tournament all players receive equal amount of tournament chips. These chips have no cash value and can only be used at the tournament. Casino may give additional chips to players who fulfill predetermined conditions.
  8. Player has no right to pass on the tournament chips to any other person except through game.
  9. Player may not leave the table with chips without poker supervisors/managers permission.
  10. Seats for tournament will be drawn before the tournament and players have no right to change seats between each other. Button shall be placed to last position if it is not announced differently by tournament director.
  11. Every player has to participate personally. It is not allowed to replace other player or get advisory from other players or spectators.
  12. If the player has paid the participation fee and will be late then the chips shall be placed on his position and the blinds will be taken from the stack.
  13. If the player has paid the participation fee and has not arrived by the time announced by the tournament director the stack will be removed from the game and player has no right to receive back ones participation fee.
  14. Player may receive back ones participation fee only if:
    1. The tournament is cancelled.
    2. There are not at least 7 players registered by the beginning of the tournament.
    3. If player decides before the beginning of the tournament not to participate one may receive the buy in back in full only if there is a good enough reason and it has to be agreed with poker supervisor/manager.
  15. If the player has already paid the buy in and wins also a ticket to same tournament then the satellite winning will be paid in cash instead.
  16. If the player is not at the table then Dealer places the blinds and ante bets for player.
  17. Cards are dealt to all players regardless if they are at the table or not.
  18. If the player has left the table during the hand and is not at ones seat by the decision making time the cards will be placed in to the muck.
  19. If the amount of players at tournament tables differs by more than 1 player (except for shootout tournament) the tables shall be balanced.
  20. When balancing the tables the player from the big blind position is moved to other table to big blind position or as close as possible to it.
  21. The seating order at final table shall be drawn.
  22. Players are obligated to place the chips to new table without any hesitation after they have been moved due to balancing.
  23. In case there are 2 or more players simultaneously eliminated from the tournament the one who had higher stack on the moment of all-in will receive higher position in results ranking. If stacks were equal then the higher hand will determine the position.
  24. If there are 2 players left on Texas or Omaha tournament then the player on button position places the small blind and 2nd player the big blind. Same applies to Heads-up tournament.
  25. Tournament structure is announced beforehand and is available for all players before and during the tournament.
  26. The tournament structure may be changed before the beginning of the tournament and the players have to be informed beforehand.
  27. There is not allowed to keep anything on the table except for tournament chips and 1 “card protector” chip.
  28. If the blind level has ended then with next hand there is new level. If the dealer has started shuffle then the hand will be played as previous level.
  29. The cards placed at muck may not be taken back by anyone else than the tournament director.
  30. If there is needed one more player to be eliminated before all the players receive prize and there is more than 1 table left at the tournament then these tables will play simultaneously (hand by hand) until 1 more player will be eliminated.
  31. If dealer “kills” unprotected hand then player does not receive one´s chips back. Only in case if player in question raised the bet and no other player has called it the player gets back the raised chips.
  32. Players (regardless if they have cards or not) are not allowed to talk about possible combinations, cards they were holding or any other game related discussion which may influence the decisions of the players who are still in hand. Only in heads up situation the players who are still in may comment on possible combination the opponent is holding.
  33. If there is an all-in situation then all players in hand have to open their cards.