Cash Game rules during Battle of Malta Festival between 24th and 31st October

Posted on 24. October 2018

1.    Bets in cash bills or plaques are not accepted. Cash and plaques have to be changed to value chips before the hand is dealt.

2.    In order to join the game the player has to register online. If the player is absent when the game starts he might lose the seat.

3.    The seat will be reserved only for 5 minutes from the moment, when other players apply their right on same seat.

4.    Player can´t buy or get in any other way the seat out of turn.

5.    Player can´t reserve seats at two tables in the same time.

6.    The Dealer button is used in all cash games. The position of the Dealer button shall be drawn before dealing the first hand.

7.    Minimum buy-in shall be determined by the poker supervisor depending on the type of the game and size of the „blinds“.

8.    New player joining the table has to buy-in at least a minimum amount required to respective game.

9.    New player has a right to choose his seat at the table, after his choice no other player can claim the right for the same seat.

10.If player who is changing a seat at the table is running away from blinds is obligated to pay the blinds anyhow.

11.New player who is taking a seat at a "button" position may join the game immediately by paying the new player´s blind.

12.If player takes a seat between button and small blind. In that case the player has to wait till the button has passed and may join the game then.

13.In order for the player to be dealt in to the hand one must hold chips at least in a value of the big blind.

14.If player takes a seat between button and small blind. In that case the player has to wait till the button has passed and may join the game then.

15.Straddle Bets are allowed in cash games, Straddle is always double amount of the previous bet:

15.1.    first Straddle Bet can be placed only after BB and Straddle bets can be made until (including) the button. All Straddle bets are Live;

15.2.    player who has New Player’s blind may also place a Straddle Bet.

16.In case of minimum raise Live Straddle will be considered as a third blind.

17.Changing table limits can be done only with the poker manager/supervisor approval and all players must agree with that.

18.All cash games are table stakes games. Players are not allowed to take more chips into game or out from the game while the hand is not finished. The only exception is when players pay for drinks/food or give tips with these chips.

19.It is not allowed to lend chips to other players from the chips already on the table.

20.Each player is allowed to have one 30 minute break during the gaming day. If the player does not inform the poker supervisor one may lose the seat at the table.

21.Cards will be dealt to all the stacks at the table and the blinds are taken even if the player is not present.

22.Player who is not present at the table can´t win the pot.

23.If a player leaves the table and wants to join the game again in less than one hour, he has to start with the same amount of chips, he left the table. Returning to the game, player have to post New Player's blind regardless how many hands one has missed (exception if player did not miss any blind).

24.Poker Supervisor/Manager has a right to break the table in order to complete other similar table.

25.Player from broken table does not have to post a New Player’s Blind.

26.If players agree between themselves then when going "all-in" the next common cards may be opened by "run it twice" conditions.

27.Run it twice means that when in "all-in" players may chooce the option run it twice by announcing to the dealer if the "board", "turn" or "river" shall be dealt twice, depending on the phase of the hand. If "all-in" is announced preflop then all the common cards are dealt twice, if postflop then the "turn" and " river" and if after "turn" then only "river" shall be dealt twice.

28.In case of 5 Card Omaha and Courchevel all cards can be dealt twice only if there are 7 or less players at the table. If there are 8 players then only "turn" and "river" are dealt twice, in that case also the last card from the deck is dealt out.

29.All the players who participate in the hand until the showdown have to agree to run it twice.

30.Run it twice option is available only in Heads-up. We do not allowed Run it twice in pot where we have more than 2 players.

31.If Player want to change table, he have to ask permission from Supervisor.

32.If players want to move to another table, and there are less seats available than there are players the seats will be drawn with cards.

33.Casino takes 5% commissions from each pot (Rake). Rake will be taken if the pot is at least 20 € (Rake – 1 €), maximum sum of 400 € (Rake – 20 €). Commissions will be taken from each full 10 € (ex. Pot – 30 – Rake – 1,50 €).

34.0.50 € chip can be used for rake or tips.

35.We will use the 2 € cash chip too.


Casino Malta Managment