La Maison Du Bluff

26.03.2016 19:30
55.00 €
Casino Malta Poker Club
Additional information

The cast and crew of “La Maison du Bluff “ will be joining Casino Malta by Olympic Casino daily tournament on Saturday 26th March. The tournament will be filmed and showed on an episode of this greatly popular French reality TV programme. Former WBO world middleweight boxing champion Hassan Ndam N’Jikam will be one of the participants. You may be the next big star!


Same as Superslow Saturday - 6x30/22min clock

Please kindly use parking on Baystreet.

All poker players taking part in our daily tournament are asked to sign a release form to give permission to be filmed and aired on the show.

Starting stack
5880 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Ronan M. Malta 1,705.20 € 315.00 Regular ranking
2 Fabien M. Malta 1,099.56 € 252.00 Regular ranking
3 Bijaoui T. Malta 793.80 € 210.00 Regular ranking
4 Maciej Krzystof R. Malta 558.60 € 168.00 Regular ranking
5 Saviour S. Malta 382.20 € 147.00 Regular ranking
6 Jean Bertand Geroges F. Malta 305.76 € 126.00 Regular ranking
7 Antonino I. Malta 235.20 € 105.00 Regular ranking
8 Ndam N. Malta 199.20 € 84.00 Regular ranking
9 Christian D. Malta 170.52 € 63.00 Regular ranking
10 Clement Pierre Corentin D. Malta 152.88 € 0.00 Regular ranking
11 Piotr Artur W. Malta 141.12 € 0.00 Regular ranking
12 Etiene Jean Charles Vincent B. Malta 135.24 € 0.00 Regular ranking
Agatin C. Malta
Aleksander K. Malta
Alexandre P. Malta
andrea s. Malta
Andrei B. Malta
Angelique Dominique T. Malta
Antoine Degiorgo G. Malta
Anton M. Malta
Antonio C. Malta
Antonio Di M. Malta
Antony C. Malta
Arthur Franc S. Malta
Banjamin B. Malta
Benjamin D. Malta
Caroline Jossette Michele P. Malta
Christian C. Malta
Cricchion M. Malta
Damian D. Malta
Daniel John M. Malta
David E. Malta
Denzil A. Malta
Diogo Filipe Goncalves B. Malta
Domenico C. Malta
Ebe Ennebati B. Malta
Elaine Claire Louise B. Malta
Emanuel Q. Malta
Francios Guillaume N. Malta
Gaetan C. Malta
Giannakis C. Malta
Giuseppa S. Malta
Graziella V. Malta
Gwladys Christiane A. Malta
Harald C. Malta
Johan Francois G. Malta
Johanna B. Malta
John Q. Malta
Julien B. Malta
Julien Henri L. Malta
Junyu L. Malta
Kework B. Malta
Killian Charly L. Malta
Kristina Avdoshina L. Malta
Kristoff Van Der S. Malta
Lesie Lynn Q. Malta
Ludovic D. Malta
Manuel Tony Quentin D. Malta
Massimo R. Malta
Mathilde S. Malta
Matthew A. Malta
Matthieu Frederic R. Malta
Mattieu Frederic R. Malta
Maurizio A. Malta
Maxime C. Malta
Mohamed A. Malta
Nathaniel G. Malta
Neville G. Malta
Nicolas Yan P. Malta
Ole H. Malta
Paul Geroges Da S. Malta
Peter Laszio K. Malta
Quentin Olivier Loic Laugi N. Malta
Richard A. Malta
Richard Guy Frantz S. Malta
Romain Patrick Sebastien N. Malta
Romain Pierre L. Malta
Sami Aleksi P. Malta
Sascha M. Malta
sergei C. Malta
Sophie Anne Catherine P. Malta
Stefan D. Malta
Stefan T. Malta
Sulaiman Musa S. Malta
Tan Jeremy Tsung T. Malta
Tero Petteri K. Finland
Thomas Andre H. Malta
Thomas Jean Emmanuel P. Malta
Timo Petteri R. Malta
Valentina M. Malta
Valentn M. Malta
Vicet Van M. Malta
Vincenti G. Malta
Wouda L. Malta
Yoan D. Malta