NLH 1 Re-Entry

15.03.2016 19:30
22.00 €
Casino Malta Poker Club
Additional information

Clock 3x30/20mins after break

Blinds starting at 25/50

Late entries 3 levels, till 9pm

1000 chips punctuality bonus, subject of presence on the seat at the beginning of tournament.


Rookie cash game table available from 6.30pm onwards, NLH 50c/€1, min buy in €20, max €100, CAP 10 players

Starting stack


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Davide G. Malta 366.58 € 150.00 Regular ranking
2 adan k. Malta 239.37 € 120.00 Regular ranking
3 Michele A. Malta 176.93 € 100.00 Regular ranking
4 Enzo C. Malta 124.89 € 80.00 Regular ranking
5 Sergio S. Malta 83.26 € 70.00 Regular ranking
6 Stefan E. Malta 67.07 € 60.00 Regular ranking
7 Alberto F. Malta 53.19 € 50.00 Regular ranking
8 Matei Paulo P. Malta 45.10 € 40.00 Regular ranking
9 Antione C. Malta 0 30.00 Regular ranking
10 Jake Mark Thomas A. Malta 0 0.00 Regular ranking
Adrian V. Malta
Andrei B. Malta
Anouar F. Malta
Anthony D. Malta
Antonino g. Malta
Clement Jacky B. Malta
Concetta D. Malta
Eliezer D. Malta
Felix M. Malta
Francis B. Malta
Franco B. Malta
Gabriele P. Malta
Gaetano I. Malta
Giuseppe L. Malta
Giuseppe P. Malta
Jan Wouter S. Malta
John b. Malta
John P. Malta
Jorgji K. Malta
Kevin S. Malta
Kristina Avdoshina L. Malta
Kristoff Van Der S. Malta
Lucien Jules Martin J. Malta
Marco G. Malta
Marian C. Malta
Marion M. Malta
Maurizio A. Malta
Pauline P. Malta
Peter B. Malta
Raffaele M. Malta
Salvatore P. Malta
Saviour S. Malta
Stephane E. Malta
Takehiro F. Malta