NLH Deep & Steep

28.04.2016 20:00
16.50 €
Casino Malta Poker Club
Additional information

New! 1 Re-Entry

Blind levels start on 25/50

Clock 15mins all the way

Late entries 6 levels

1500 chips punctuality bonus, subject of presence on the seat at the beginning of tournament.

Please kindly use parking on Bay Street


Rookie cash game table available from 6.30pm onwards, NLH 50c/€1, min buy in €20, max €100, CAP 10 seats.

Starting stack
706 €
1,876 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Giuseppe G. Malta 239.90 € 120.00 Regular ranking
2 Claudio P. Malta 162.29 € 96.00 Regular ranking
3 Borja Gonzalez P. Malta 116.42 € 80.00 Regular ranking
4 Pasquale M. Malta 83.97 € 64.00 Regular ranking
5 Hidde Lourens Maarten K. Malta 56.45 € 56.00 Regular ranking
6 Armando P. Malta 46.57 € 48.00 Regular ranking
7 Alessandro I. Malta 0 40.00 Regular ranking
8 Phillippe J. Malta 0 32.00 Regular ranking
9 Nelida Alarcon Otalora H. Malta 0 24.00 Regular ranking
Aleksandar R. Malta
Aleksander R. Malta
Anthony D. Malta
Basam K. Malta
Colceru S. Malta
Concetta D. Malta
Cristian Mihai T. Malta
Cristina D. Malta
Domenico T. Malta
Eduardo Perez M. Malta
Francesco A. Malta
Francesco Jose Vazquez P. Malta
Joseph Benjamin M. Malta
Juliano F. Malta
Karim L. Malta
Kristina Avdoshina L. Malta
Kristoff Van Der S. Malta
Lois Antoine B. Malta
Mahir K. Malta
Mark P. Malta
Matteo I. Malta
Salvina F. Malta
Santina S. Malta
Saviour S. Malta
Stephane E. Malta
Therese H. Malta
Thijs Eric D. Malta
Thomas H. Malta
Unknown U. Malta
Yigal Eliahu K. Malta
Yoan J. Malta