NLH Freebuy

18.07.2016 20:00
5.00 €
Casino Malta Poker Club
Additional information

Unlimited Re-Buy €5, double Add-On €5, Stack 5k/5k/10k

Blind levels start on 25/50, Clock 3x30/22mins after break, Late entries 3 levels

500 chips punctuality bonus, subject of presence on the seat at the beginning of tournament.

Win and scoop 3 way All-In, and get complimentary bottle of Casino Malta signature wine.

Win the hand with J-3 off suit and get 1000BPS = €10

Crack the AA's and get 1500BPS = €15

Ranking apply, for more details click HERE

Please kindly use parking on Bay Street


Rookie cash game table available from 6.30pm onwards, NLH 50c/€1, min buy in €20, max €100, CAP 10 players

Starting stack
350 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Martina A. Malta 120.00 Regular ranking
2 Luciano C. Malta 96.00 Regular ranking
3 Mark B. Malta 80.00 Regular ranking
4 Robert Victor D. Malta 64.00 Regular ranking
5 Thomas P. Malta 56.00 Regular ranking
6 anders skar b. Malta 48.00 Regular ranking
7 Francesco B. Malta 40.00 Regular ranking
8 jason b. Malta 32.00 Regular ranking
9 Anne B. Norway 24.00 Regular ranking
alejandro fernando r. Malta
Boldu D. Malta
Branko B. Malta
Francesco B. Malta
Giorgio N. Malta
Jean Mikhail B. Malta
kevin m. Malta
Mahir K. Malta
mario f. Malta
Marzio Z. Malta
Michal K. Slovakia
Silvian N. Malta
Stefan S. Malta
Strahinja B. Malta
vincenzo d. Malta