NLH Rookie Night

14.03.2016 19:30
22.00 €
Casino Malta Poker Club
Additional information

Blind levels start on 25/50

Clock 3x30/20mins after break

Late entries 3 levels, till 9pm

Great tournament format for beginners!


1000 chips punctuality bonus, subject of presence on the seat at the beginning of tournament.


Rookie cash game table available from 6.30pm onwards, NLH 50c/€1, min buy in €20, max €100, CAP 10 players

Starting stack


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Julien Henri L. Malta 226.58 € 120.00 Regular ranking
2 Nils N. Malta 153.27 € 96.00 Regular ranking
3 philippe a v. Malta 109.96 € 80.00 Regular ranking
4 Ventsislav Georgiev D. Malta 79.30 € 64.00 Regular ranking
5 Francis Bonett B. Malta 53.31 € 56.00 Regular ranking
6 Harian S. Malta 43.98 € 48.00 Regular ranking
7 Adrien D. Malta 0 40.00 Regular ranking
8 Lucien Jules Martin J. Malta 0 32.00 Regular ranking
9 Antione C. Malta 0 24.00 Regular ranking
10 Luciano C. Malta 0 0.00 Regular ranking
Adriana B. Malta
Andrei B. Malta
Anthony D. Malta
Antoine M. Malta
Basam K. Malta
Carmelo C. Malta
Clement Jacky B. Malta
Eliezer D. Malta
Emmanuel E. Malta
georgina d. Malta
Gorjan J. Malta
Guillaume Carl K. Malta
John P. Malta
Jonathan Paul P. Malta
Juliano F. Malta
Kevin S. Malta
Konstantinos A. Malta
Konstantinos T. Malta
Kristoff Van Der S. Malta
Michele A. Malta
Pauline P. Malta
Rick B. Malta
Saviour S. Malta
Timo Petteri R. Malta