NLH Superslow Saturday

09.04.2016 20:00
55.00 €
Casino Malta Poker Club
Additional information

Blind levels start on 25/50

Clock 6x30/22mins after second break

Small 10min break after first 3 levels of play

Late entries open for 6 levels

1 re-entry!

Buy in day before & get 20% punctuality bonus!!!

Or 10% punctuality bonus if buy in on the day of tournament, subject of presence on the seat at the beginning of tournament.


Please kindly use parking on Bay Street

Starting stack
2352 €
1,876 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Eugene Sergeevich U. Malta 846.72 € 210.00 Regular ranking
2 Marco L. Malta 540.96 € 168.00 Regular ranking
3 Anthony D. Malta 329.28 € 140.00 Regular ranking
4 Tan jeremy T. Malta 235.20 € 112.00 Regular ranking
5 Moshe H. Malta 164.64 € 98.00 Regular ranking
6 Neville G. Malta 129.36 € 84.00 Regular ranking
7 Baruch H. Malta 105.84 € 70.00 Regular ranking
8 Salvatore p. Malta 56.00 Regular ranking
9 Monti A. Malta 42.00 Regular ranking
10 Mohamed A. Malta 0.00 Regular ranking
Alessio C. Malta
Andrea B. Malta
Avraham Aviv H. Malta
Christian C. Malta
Cyril Lionel Paul F. Malta
Domenico T. Malta
Gaetano C. Malta
Giannakis C. Malta
Harald C. Malta
Idan Omri R. Malta
Jeffrey M. Malta
John Jt Creadell B. Malta
Lars L. Sweden
Magdalena B. Malta
Marco L. Malta
Mark P. Malta
Mor L. Malta
Moshe L. Malta
Moshe O. Malta
Ole H. Malta
Oscar Slocum Edelfrid F. Malta
Pierre B. Malta
Pietro P. Malta
Sascha M. Malta
Sylvian C. Malta
Vincenzo P. Malta
Yoan J. Malta