NLH Win The Button

15.07.2016 20:00
28.00 €
Casino Malta Poker Club
Additional information

1 Re-entry, Blind levels start on 25/50

Clock 3x30/22mins after break, Late entries 3 levels

1000 chips punctuality bonus, subject of presence on the seat at the beginning of tournament.

Ranking apply, for more details click HERE

Royal flush Jackpot apply, for more details click HERE

Please kindly use parking on Bay Street


Rookie cash game table available from 6.30pm onwards, NLH 50c/€1, min buy in €20, max €100, CAP 10 seats.

Starting stack
1250 €
1,876 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Andrew C. Malta 150.00 Regular ranking
2 Yusuf Alperen A. Malta 120.00 Regular ranking
3 jason a. Malta 100.00 Regular ranking
4 teemu t. Malta 80.00 Regular ranking
5 Salvina F. Malta 70.00 Regular ranking
6 alberto maria p. Malta 60.00 Regular ranking
7 eren t. Malta 50.00 Regular ranking
8 Francesco B. Malta 40.00 Regular ranking
9 Maurizio A. Malta 30.00 Regular ranking
ahmed a. Malta
alaattin u. Malta
Aleksandar R. Malta
anders skar b. Malta
Anne B. Norway
Anthony S. Malta
Anthony Thomas R G. Malta
carmel b. Malta
Domenico T. Malta
efe a. Malta
Francis B. Malta
Giorgio D. Malta
Giuseppe G. Malta
Giussepe M. Malta
jason B. Malta
Jeffrey M. Malta
junyu l. Malta
kaspar p. Malta
Kristoff Van Der S. Malta
leonard h. Malta
loic m. Malta
Luciano C. Malta
Mahir K. Malta
Ryan C C. Malta
Santina S. Malta
Saviour S. Malta
Timothy Joseph A. Malta
Tomislav H. Malta
Yoan J. Malta